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MONITORS Compendium

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Water Quality Sensors and Monitors Compendium

Dear visitor,

Welcome to the Water Quality Sensors and Monitors Compendium. This compendium is a resource developed for anyone working with or considering the use of online instrumentation for water quality monitoring.

As from October 1st, 2016, access to this website has changed.
The new release of this website is foreseen before the end of this year.

The new service offers an interactive community platform for online water quality monitoring and is called "Sensileau". Besides a database on commercially available online sensors and monitors for water quality monitoring, the new platform offers discussions, showcases, instruction videos, e-learning modules, new developments, literature alerts and more.

Click here to receive the information kit to express your interest and/or sign up for subscription. Until the official release of the Sensileau community platform, subscribers are granted free access and free customer support to the Online Water Quality Sensors and Monitors Compendium (

Benten's team.
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